kit_rsbI have had the pleasure of working with Damian Kennedy, where he is managing 2 of my properties. He is a very pleasant person to deal with and easy going. He is also very knowledgeable about the properties he manages and keeps me updated when I require it. He has managed outgoing inspections and routine inspections satisfactorily. He has represented me at tribunal and I was extremely impressed with the dedication in obtaining all the correspondence required for the case and the overall presentation of the case. He is very dedicated in the role he does and what I love best is he always gets back to me when I have sent him an email, unlike other agents I have met who need to be continuously followed up. I cannot stress enough his dedication once again where he has taken time off on his rest day to go out to one of my properties to check on a complaint raised by a tenant, this is incredible as far as dedication and passion is concerned in a job. I can see the pride and passion in his role as my property manager


Morton and Morton, you have a very good agent working for you, so please make sure you reward them accordingly and keep them happy, as if they are happy, we as clients are happy too

Anna Correira – Property Investor




I have known Damian Kennedy and been dealing with him for the last two years. I am a contractor for the company he works at. I have found Damian to be very helpful, professional and friendly. I do like dealing with Damian as he takes pride in the job at hand, his attention to detail is second to none. I would recommend any potential clients to Damian as I feel they would benefit greatly from his expertise.

Ray Sammut, Owner of Captain Carpet Cleaning



pool_rsbI have been working with Damian Kennedy for 12 months and found him to be a competent and enthusiastic Property Manager. He takes pride in his appearance and ensures he presents immaculately which is noted by clients throughout the building. He is professional is his approach and has a warm and friendly attitude in dealing with myself and residents. He is always willing to assist with any issues which are occurring and ensures that a positive outcome is achieved. As he manages close to 60 apartments in the buildings which I operate, communication is the key and the communication he provides me is second to none. Whether it is notifying me of tenancy changes or issues throughout the building, he will work with me to ensure that a resolution is gained. We have a solid working relationship which I hope can continue for many years to come.


East Quarter Building Management



liv_rsbI would like to take this opportunity to express how grateful I am for the work of my Property Manager, Damian Kennedy. He has worked above and beyond in the short time that he has been managing my investments. I had encountered a serious issue with a bad tenant and I was not happy with how my previous agent was handling the situation. Damian stepped in, went through the correct procedures, had the tenant evicted swiftly and all monies paid in a timeframe which I was astounded at. It was not only the way he went about his work but his attention to detail and unique and effective communication strategies affirmed my decision to choose Damian and Morton & Morton.


The way that Damian used videos to show me how my property was left by the previous tenants, to the cleaning completed and how the property presented to the new tenants was greatly appreciated. It provided me with more information and a greater understanding to the issue of the previous tenancy but also to the work Damian had put in. His professionalism is second to none.


I would have no hesitation recommending Damian to any future clients. His enthusiasm and attention to detail is second to none.


Joy Ye


I have known Damian Kennedy now since the time I have signed my Lease which was some time Stella Externalago. From the first Moment on he was very friendly, Professional and very helpful. Damian Kennedy also is my Property Manager and attends to my every need.

He is the most Professional Person on Real Estate I have ever dealt with.

I will in the Future buy my own Place and he will be the only Person I am trusting to help me
look for my first apartment. I have no hesitation to Recommend him to all my friends and people I know and anyone looking to buy or Rent.


C. Toesch


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